Dining at Hoosier Village

The enjoyment of a fine meal shared with friends is a daily experience at Hoosier Village. Creating appealing menu selections is a high priority here, and a Registered Dietician is on hand weekly to offer one-on-one advice to residents with special dietary needs.

Hoosier Village offers two full-service restaurants to satisfy a wide variety of tastes. Our chefs and dining staff work hard every day to create delicious meals and desserts. You can choose fine dining in Roosevelts, with a delectable menu, which rotates frequently, as well as chef’s specials. For a more casual experience, you can grab a bite at Green Onion, our relaxed-atmosphere café. Either way, you’ll enjoy a tasty, nutritious, fresh-prepared meal.

  • Entrance to Roosevelts Dining Room

    Entrance to Roosevelts Dining Room

  • Roosevelts Fine Dining

    Roosevelts Fine Dining

  • Roosevelts Dining Room

    Roosevelts Dining Room

  • Green Onion Café

    Green Onion Café

  • Lighter Fare at the Green Onion

    Lighter Fare at the Green Onion

  • Soups Made Fresh Daily

    Soups Made Fresh Daily

Of course, if you prefer to flex your own culinary muscles, each of the residences we offer comes with a full kitchen, outfitted with everything you need to help you bring your creations to life.

Fancy dessert with a cup of coffee
Formal Dining at Hoosier Village
Fine Dining at Hoosier Village