Retirees honor teachers with donations before start of school year

By: Marin Murphy | Jul 27, 2023

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Residents of the Towne House are coming together to honor teachers at Holland Elementary at the 8th annual luncheon where donations to buy supplies for the upcoming school year will be given.

What began as a tutoring program with students has grown into the Holland Elementary Teachers Fund, where residents contribute financially to help teachers buy classroom supplies. Residents, many of them being retired educators, worked to donate $8,755 also getting help from BHI Foundation and United Art and Education to raise a total of $10,600 for Holland Elementary school teachers.

“This is completely a resident-driven initiative and illustrates the heart of our community,”

Doug Vogel, The Towne House Chaplain

Holland Elementary is a Title 1 school meaning most of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch and assistance with book fees. Many students often come to school without needed supplies, making teachers have to spend their own money to help the students.

The residents will host more than 40 teachers at their annual luncheon where teachers will be presented with a $304 gift card each. The luncheon will happen on August 5 and is not open to the public.

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