Veteran’s stories shared in latest book in WWll series

World War ll veterans and civilians will sign purchased copies of the newest volume in Ron May’s book series, Our Service Our Stories during a brief program at 2:30 p.m. April 29 at the Hoosier Village Chapel, 5385 Soapberry Drive, Indianapolis. The event is open to the public.

Cover of Ronald May’s book featuring stories from World War ll.

May, a local World War II historian and author, is also the chaplain at Hoosier Village Retirement Community. He has been writing veteran stories since 2012. He published the first volume of his book series in 2015 and his second volume in 2018. This book is the third in the series.

Our Service Our Stories (Vol. 3) retells the war experiences of 17 World War ll veterans and eight civilians. The book includes 14 stories of past and present residents of Hoosier Village; a story of a resident from the Barrington in Carmel; stories from every branch of service and from both the European and Pacific theaters of war; and stories of men and women serving on the homefront during the war, including a Woman’s Ordnance worker and an Army map maker.

A new feature in this volume is the section of Children and War which includes the stories of five people who were children and young adults during the war years. Through their eyes, readers can witness the attack at Pearl Harbor, the evacuation and bombing of London, invasions in Poland and Yugoslavia, and life in an American Japanese Internment Camp.

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